Important Considerations in Selecting the Best Snore Mouth Guard

If you are suffering from a snoring condition, you are not the only one who does because it is very common these days due to the lifestyle we are practicing. Numbers of people suffering from it are increasing, and it’s quite an issue how to deal with such sleeping problem because it affects the relationship of couples and the family in general.

Custom fitted mouthpiece

So if snoring is your problem, make sure to find the most effective solution you can have so that you can say goodbye to sleepless nights and other possible complications you might have if the condition will be left untreated.

Snore mouth guard is one of the most common and proven to be effective anti-snoring device that is available in the market. But before you opt for this kind of solution, you have to make sure that you know

Snore Mouth Guard

certain considerations so as to ensure that what you will opt for will suit your needs:

  1. You have to know and understand what causes your snoring. This is very important because this will be your basis whether or not a snore mouth guard could stop your snoring or whether you will need other means.
  2. There are various kinds and brands of snore mouth guards, but they basically work the same way. Most of the time, snore mouth guards are prescribed by dentists because they really fit the mouth because their purpose is to slowly move the jaw forward so as to clear the airway passage.
  3. Just like any other foreign things that are worn, snore mouth guards have side effects that will make you uncomfortable at some point. But don’t let them put you off from wearing snore mouth guards because the drooling, drynes

    s of the mouth, and other untoward experiences will soon be overcome.

If you will take these things into consideration, you will certainly find the best snore mouth guards that will work for you.

Best Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces: Brief Overview

Narrowed airflow causes the soft palate and uvula to vibrate and knock against the back of the throat. We commonly call this snoring. The narrower the airway is, the louder the snoring is heard. Luckily, anti-snoring pieces have been proven effective in treating occurrences of snoring and mild to moderate cases of sleep apnea. Top five anti-snoring mouthpieces are revealed below.

Best Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

Pure Sleep

Pure Sleep is a self-molded mandibular advancement device that opens the airway by slightly repositioning the lower jaw as you sleep. This enables you to sleep quieter. This mouthpiece is made from high-quality and safety-tested material that is FDA cleared and approved. This jaw-retaining mouthpiece comes with three settings that you can easily adjust, depending on your comfortable fit.

During the adjustment period, you may experience a bit of discomfort in the jaw or teeth, which is usually the case. Pure Sleep may be effective, but you have to make sure you get the precise setting when you fit the device before it is molded. This requires prescription from a licensed dentist. Nevertheless, it still has a remarkable record of safe use and effective use for minimizing occurrences of snoring.

Vital Sleep

Ranked fourth in the list is another advanced mandibular device called Vital Sleep. It improves flow of air into your lungs and enables quiet breathing while you’re sleeping. It is fully adjustable and customizable. It is latex free. It is USA manufactured and BPA free. It is made from flexible thermoplastic materials and created by Dupont.

Like any other jaw-holding mouthpiece, discomfort can be felt during the adjustment period. However, this is considered normal and is expected to wane after several uses. This device actually works, but users think this needs improvement since it loses shape after some time and the molding process can be repeated up to three times.

Best Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

Good Morning Snore Solution

Good Morning Snore Solution is the only tongue-retaining device that made it to the list of top anti-snoring mouthpieces. This is a lot more comfortable and easy to use than most jaw retainers and is more manageable than other devices. The tongue retainer attaches to the tip of the tongue and gently pulls forward to clear blocked airways, resulting in more comfortable sleep. Unlike other advanced devices, it does not put pressure on the teeth or jaw.

You will not experience discomfort associated with using jaw retainers. However, you may experience tongue tenderness or excessive salivation. Sad to say, people who can’t freely breathe through the nose are advised not to use this device.


Ranked second on the list is the FDA-cleared device called Zquiet. It has a special feature called living hinge technology, which allows the mouth to naturally open and close. It does not require molding, unlike other devices. It is designed to virtually fit everyone. Like other mouthpiece devices, tooth and jaw discomforts are felt during the first few hours to weeks of use.


Best Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

Top on the list, SnoreRx is known for its advanced medical grade design. It is the only anti-snoring mouthpiece on the market that has passed the standards of Oral Appliances for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OAOSA). The custom model jaw retainer allows you to calibrate the setting at any time. SnoreRx does not use rubber bands, bolts, or springs that force your jaw forward under constant pressure. It does not have the discomforts associated with wearing mandibular advancement devices. SnoreRx is highly favored among anti-snoring mouthpieces.

Some of the Best Snoring Solutions You Could Choose From

Snoring has been a serious issue among relationships because it affects the normal sleeping pattern not only of the people who suffer from the condition but also their partner or anyone who is with them during times of sleep. Sleepless nights are a common scenario to those families who have members who suffer from snoring, not to mention it could also be an indication of a more serious health condition to those who suffer from it. Therefore, it is very important for them to look for the best snoring solutions they could have in order to say goodbye to this stressful and annoying condition they need to deal with every day.

Actually, there is countless number of snoring solutions, and most of them are easy to do and don’t require much effort and money. They need not go with the option of invasive procedures or lifetime medication because there are available snoring solutions that they could practice even at their very own home and at their most convenient time. Here are some of these that are said to be effective.

Exercises That Focus on the Tongue, Jaw, and Throat

Due to the fact that snoring usually occurs because of airway blockage, it is the best advice for those who have the condition to follow a routine exercise that focuses on strengthening the muscles of the tongue, jaw, and throat area.

The routine is quite simple and could be done even if one is doing something else aside from it. Tongue exercise is as simple as sticking out the tongue as far as it could reach and moving it up and down and side to side for several minutes and a couple of times each day. Jaw exercise is also easy to do because one just has to open his mouth as wide as he can, and the repetition and timing are almost the same with tongue exercise. When it comes to throat exercise, singing could be the best option.

Some of the Best Snoring Solutions You Could Choose From

Use of Anti-Snoring Pillows

Anti-snoring pillows come with designs that are fitting for the purpose of clearing the airway passages during sleeping moments. This kind of snoring solution allows the individual who suffers from such condition to sleep with the head properly elevated, keeping the chin away from the chest, which is usually the main reason for an obstructive airway passage.

Some of the Best Snoring Solutions You Could Choose From

Use of Anti-Snoring Devices

Snore guards and tongue retainers are anti-snoring devices that are made up of latex and are BPA free. The former are worn during sleep to avoid the tongue from curling down at the back of the throat during sleeping time, while the latter are worn in order to align the jaw so that the air could pass through without any interference.

No Cigarettes, Alcoholic Beverages, and Sedatives

Snoring solutions don’t only involve anti-snoring devices, pillows, and exercises in order to treat the condition, but they also require limiting or quitting from cigarette smoking, drinking of alcoholic beverages, and even the intake of medications like sedatives because these things could trigger snoring and even worsen the case.

Try these snoring solutions and enjoy a good night’s sleep with your partner. Anti-snoring devices are available in the market, so grab one for you.

Oral Appliance Therapy

The treatment for obstructive sleep apnea and snoring is oral appliance therapy. The device looks and fits like a mouth guard that is commonly used by athletes or an orthodontic retainer. It is a removable oral appliance that is placed in your mouth while you‘re sleeping. The use of oral appliance stops the airway from collapsing by supporting or holding your jaw in an upward position. It needs to be customized in order for it to be perfectly fit and to be effective.

Oral Appliance Therapy

Two Types of Oral Appliance

There are two major types of oral appliance, though the market produces a variety of this product. But most products fall into these two major types:

Advantages of Using Oral Appliance

Advantages of this device include the following:

  • By using this, you can treat your sleep apnea. No sleep apnea means decreasing your chances of suffering from heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.
  • You can rest well, thus enhancing your alertness, focus, and emotional stability.
  • It is easy to use and very convenient. It takes a few weeks to get used to, however.
  • It is very accessible. It is easy to transport. It is small that you can fit it in your bag or purse.

Disadvantages of Using Oral Appliance

Of course, if there are advantages, there are as well disadvantages. When using this device, you may experience any of these:

  • excessive salivation,
  • dry mouth,
  • temporary bite changes or permanent changes to your bite,
  • mouth discomforts,
  • pain in the jaw,
  • severe complications, TMJ symptoms.

Points to remember: you need to be diagnosed by a trained sleep physician, who will let you know the cause of your snoring or sleep apnea. When choosing this kind of therapy, go to a dentist who specializes in dental sleep medicine to provide the treatment.